CRM: Customer Relationship Management

CRM, customer relationship management, refers to the consistent focus of a company on its customers and the systematic structuring of the customer relationship processes.

The goal is to identify the customers which are of interest to a company and to systematise the business relationships of the company via a variety of interfaces, e.g. customer service and sales staff, website etc. The aim is to satisfy valuable customers, bind them to the company and thus to increase the customer value.

A CRM system helps to map the customer-oriented processes in the system and provides specialists and managers from the divisions which are in contact with the customer, e.g. sales, marketing, customer service, work preparation, storage and dispatch etc., with the data which is relevant to their customer-oriented activities (sales, customer service, strategy development).

Supporting companies with the introduction or optimisation of a customer relationship management or CRM system is a core competency of KeTu consult.

A close examination of all the relevant elements of the introduction/optimisation of a CRM system is carried out on the basis of the “KeTu CRM MODEL”.

This includes

  • Formulation of CRM strategies and goals
  • Analysis of the relevant components for the creation of a requirements specification
  • System selection
  • Systematic implementation
  • The project and change management relevant for a sustainable introduction and the
  • Introduction of continuous improvement processes.