KeTu consult is a specialist in market-oriented business management – in the development of viable business strategies, business models and sales strategies. We see ourselves as the mountain guide for your expedition – as a competent consultant and companion on your road to success.

Since our foundation in 2010, we have worked on more than 55 projects in these segments, in collaboration with our clients from a wide range of sectors. Individually and completely tailored to the respective sector-specific conditions.

We divide each project into three parts:

  1. The first step is to determine the goal together with our clients and to ascertain the current status.
  2. The second step is to work out potential for optimisation which can be realised in the short term, as well as a concept which will lead the company to the defined goal.
  3. The third step is to advise the company and accompany it safely to the specified goal

An important, decisive point in our approach: on the basis of the involvement of all the employees who are relevant for the project, we put the company in a position to implement the adopted concepts in the short term.


  • Performance of one-one interviews with employees and managers
  • Telephone interviews with partners and customers
  • Evaluation of data and documents
  • Performance of our own Internet research

The results of the employee interviews are rendered anonymous and summarised. Thus, a discussion on a technical/factual level is guaranteed.


  • Formation of interdisciplinary working groups, consisting of employees, managers and KeTu consult
  • Holding of work meetings which generally take place on a weekly basis
  • Verification of the results of the work meetings by means of further research and analysis

The involvement of managers and employees in the conception phase facilitates the development of innovative, sustainable solutions and of a realistic action plan which can be implemented immediately.


  • Formation of a project team
  • Itemisation and implementation of the action plan

The involvement of KeTu consult depends on the conditions and requirements within the company. The following are possible, for example: taking on and performing regular project reviews, taking on subprojects, providing support in operational sales.


Management consulting

An expedition into the future of the company. Together with our clients, we plan, define and develop a safe route to new goals.

Sales consulting

A “sales expedition” is always also an expedition into the future of a company. Together with our clients, we plan, define and develop a safe route to new goals.


Detailed analysis

The KeTu consult concept builds on information: Customer requirements and satisfaction · market environment · employee survey · company information

CRM: Customer relationship management

Supporting companies with the introduction or optimisation of a customer relationship management or CRM system is a core competency of KeTu consult.

Telemarketing (B2B)

Successful new customer acquisition and well-founded customer loyalty: Our telemarketing team supports our clients with the systematic generation of new, highly qualified leads, as well as with the efficient communication with existing customers. Here, we work exclusively in the B2B segment.

Strategy development

Together with our clients, we develop specific business strategies, taking market observations and the individual business model into consideration.


Reference clients and sectors

Our client portfolio ranges from innovative civil engineering companies operating throughout the world to traditional, success-oriented craftsman’s businesses, through to service providers from the communications industry.


KeTu Academy

Presentations · workshops · seminars