Depending on the specifically defined goal, these topics are the basis for the creation of our concepts:


The successful and profitable fulfilment of customer requirements is at the heart of any business activity.

However, a company often lacks a clear picture of these customer requirements and, therefore, works on assumptions. The quality of customer relationships is frequently still assessed by “feeling” and only rarely systematically analysed.

The concrete measurement of customer requirements, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and the degree of loyalty makes an active management of relationships possible. It is here that KeTu consult can help. Together with our clients, we develop the quantitative and qualitative questions which are relevant to the company and determine the current and potential requirements through expert interviews. We summarise the results in clear graphics and presentations and draw the relevant conclusions for the company.


Knowledge of market potential, competitive forces and trends is often incomplete and distributed on a decentralised basis in the heads of the employees and managers of a company.

Market data, assessment of potential and market trends (technological, legal, social and socio-economic) and knowledge about the positioning and activities of the competitors form the basis for strategic decisions. KeTu consult gathers information on the market and competitors on a case-by-case basis, evaluates and assesses trends and provides clear recommendations for the company, divisional, marketing and sales strategies.


The aim of the employee survey is to find out how well the current strategy is being implemented or can be implemented by the employees.

It examines, amongst other things, the attitude of the employees to company and divisional goals, their assessment of the market position, internal collaboration, possibilities for exerting influence on processes and results, as well as ideas and suggestions for the 100% implementation of the market strategy.

KeTu consult pools the knowledge, the opinions and experiences, works out clear recommendations and provides support with introducing improvement or change processes for the implementation of the market strategy.

The one-to-one interviews take place in a protected atmosphere. This makes it possible to provide unpopular or extraordinary solutions and to conduct discussions on an objective level. Quantitative and qualitative, open and closed questions are asked. The questions are selected or worked out on the basis of the specific needs of the company.


During the period of analysis of the company information, an initial overview of these topics is developed:

  • Turnover / DB development of the customer segments
  • Turnover / DB development of the products
  • Processes
  • Quotations and visit reports
  • Sales planning
  • Division of tasks and interfaces
  • Customer segmentation
  • Discount and reward structure
  • Target agreement and remuneration system