An expedition into the future of the company. Together with our clients, we plan, define and develop a safe route to new business goals. We see ourselves as a reliable mountain guide which acts as a consultant, professional coach, project manager or interim manager in the company, depending on the particular situation.

KeTu consult – your mountain guide on your expedition to success.


Business Activation

BUSINESS ACTIVATION – is aimed at companies which want to activate the unexploited potential of a department, a division or the whole company.


Business model development and optimisation

Analysing and evaluating an existing BUSINESS MODEL in its entirety, uncovering new opportunities, identifying risks in good time, recognising competitive advantages and deriving potential for optimisation from them – this is the basis of this type of service provided by KeTu consult.


Detailed analysis

Customer requirements and satisfaction · market environment · employee survey · company information

KeTu consult uses professional analysis and survey tools as instruments for uncovering potential for a greater customer orientation, for increasing customer and employee satisfaction and for verifying the position of the company on the market for the client company.


Reference clients and sectors

Our client portfolio ranges from innovative civil engineering companies operating throughout the world to traditional, success-oriented craftsman’s businesses, through to service providers from the communications industry.