Business Activation

Business activation is aimed at companies which would like to activate the unexploited potential of a department, a division or the whole company.


In collaboration with Hager Unternehmensberatung GmbH, we examine the accuracy of the fit of strategies and goals, along with the skills and capabilities of the team involved which are required for these.

Workshops, one-to-one interviews, SWOT analyses or skill assessments can be used here, in which the organisation, processes and information management are taken into consideration.

We derive concrete recommendations for action from the results of the analyses and develop the specific concepts and action plans that are required for the implementation of these. These may, for example, be the adjustment of strategies and goals, the alteration or optimisation of processes, the reorganisation of tasks, the training of employees and the coaching of the management.

Our support with the implementation of the adopted measures leads to the successful completion of the expedition – to the effective activation of your business.