The development of a specific business strategy builds on a demarcation of the relevant market and the determination of its attractiveness for a company. This strategy may depend on both market observations and the individual business model.


All sectors are constantly exposed to a varying degree of change. As a result of this, only the companies which are constantly changing and developing are successful in the long term.

The growth strategy is of fundamental importance in this context: it defines the future areas of activity and thus also the future market success. On the basis of the analysis of growth trends, growth drivers and barriers to growth, the strategies and organisations are selected according to the market requirements. The sustainable implementation and integration of all (market-oriented) functions is decisive for success.


With regard to strategic positioning, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether a company would like to position itself as a quality leader or a cost leader.  This question can be related to individual products or to the whole company.

We develop the right strategy for the company. To do this, we use methods which have been tried and tested in practice and research and accompany our clients from an initial analysis phase regarding a SWOT assessment and the derivation of a strategy and key success factors to the creation of an action plan and the definition of KPIs for a sustainable monitoring of success.


A market entry can assume different aspects: A company can place a new product on a familiar market, an established product on a new market or a new product on a new market. The market entry is one of the most critical moments for market success. As a basis for a well-founded analysis and assessment of the situation, KeTu consult creates a market plan and a sustainable marketing and sales mix.