Reference clients and sectors

Our focus is always on our clients. In this respect, we are uncompromising, as this is the most important aspect of our work, in addition to our decades of experience and expertise. We advise small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Germany and accompany them on their road to success.


Electrical engineering, energy engineering and metrology

Civil engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering

Tool making

Beverage technology

Retail and wholesale


Plastics processing

Glass working


Stone working

Advertising agency and technology


Wood technology and carpentry

Whether they are sole traders or have 250 employees: our client portfolio ranges from innovative civil engineering companies operating throughout the world to traditional, success-oriented craftsman’s businesses, through to service providers from the communications industry – a wide range of fascinating tasks. In the past, we have been able to realise more than 55 projects for customers from a wide variety of sectors.


Electrical engineering / industrial automation

The nationally operating company from the field of industrial automation was subject to fluctuations in its business cycles, which had to be reduced. A sales structure and sales activities were not available. The company owner stood out due to the professional quality of his services and his flexibility. The general aim was continuous, moderate growth.

The first step was to work with the company owner to analyse the actual situation, hone the product portfolio, work out distinguishing characteristics and create sales documents. The second step was to initiate targeted sales activities for both new and existing customers. These were constantly monitored and optimised using a CRM system. KeTu acts as a consultant and coach, on the one hand, and as an interim manager in the sales department, on the other.

It was possible to extend the customer portfolio by a factor of 5. Today, the rate of utilisation is constantly between 90% and 120% and the company is recording a growth in turnover and earnings on an on-going basis. The sales activities have been introduced for the long term.

IT service provider

The decline in demand has posed a challenge for the nationally operating IT service provider with a portfolio of more than 10,000 customers. No explicit sales structure was available; the management was responsible for sales activities. There was no separation of marketing activities between private and business customers.

After the analysis of the actual situation conducted together with the managing directors, the goals of the company were set first of all and then, derived from these, the goals for marketing and sales. The customers were divided into private and business customers, so that segment-specific marketing and sales measures could be initiated. A sales organisation, managed by one of the managing directors, was set up in the business customer segment. Cross-cutting sales processes were introduced and managed via a new CRM system. KeTu consult acted as a consultant and coach and as an interim manager (account management and sales management).

Partner sales and B2B marketing were introduced for the long term. In the business customer segment, it was possible to start to turn things around – within 15 months, the company was able to record growth of approx. 15%. A sales culture was implemented throughout the company.


A wholesaler which is very successful in its field saw potential for optimisation in the area of sales. Sales goals were not defined and the tasks of the sales staff not clearly specified. Each employee was responsible for all areas, from acquisition to complaints processing. The motivation of the sales staff was not very high for various reasons.

To begin with, the ACTUAL situation was recorded in one-to-one interviews and, at the same time, the sales goals of the management were fixed. In collaboration with the sales management and team leader, we composed a sales strategy, an optimised organisational structure and an action plan. This was accompanied by professional coaching of the sales manager and the sales staff, corresponding to the job requirements. KeTu consult acted as a consultant and professional coach.

The organisation was adapted to the requirements and the competencies of the sales staff were improved. A sales concept incl. action plan is available to the management, on the basis of which it can carry out the transformation on its own responsibility.

Media service provider

The internationally operating media service provider was in the middle of a transition from a supplier market to a demand market. In addition, the sector was in crisis at this time. Active sales activities were available to a limited extent, there was no sales management. The high monthly existing customer losses had to be reduced and a continuous new customer acquisition initiated.

On the basis of the analysis of the actual situation and the defined sales goals, a sales strategy, an optimised sales organisation and an action plan were composed and implemented in the team. Cross-cutting sales processes were introduced, as was a new CRM system. The sales control was redesigned and the sales culture shifted towards “activity”.

The decline in existing customers was stopped by means of the introduction of a sustainable existing customer management system, and the entire sales division was geared towards the acquisition of new business. The new sales organisation was introduced for the long term. A new sales culture was implemented across the different divisions.