Sales Activation


Successful companies develop their markets differently to less successful companies. In the process, the following success drivers emerge as significant:

  • an explicitly and clearly defined sales strategy
  • a process-oriented approach in sales and, associated with this, the continuous observation and analysis of the sales activities (qualitative and quantitative).
  • the concentration of all the company resources on the relevant customer segments

SALES ACTIVATION is aimed at companies which want to activate the unexploited potential of the existing sales department, a sales division or the sales organisation.

Following the SALES EXCELLENCE methodology, we examine the areas of sales strategy, sales management, information management and customer relationship management with different levels of intensity, depending on the individual goals and with the involvement of the employees of the company. Workshops, group discussions, one-to-one interviews or SWOT analyses can be used for this, for example. On the basis of the results of the analyses, we come up with concrete recommendations for action and develop the specific concepts and action plans that are required for the implementation of these.

People and strategies must be coordinated with one another, in order to reach the defined goals. For this will only be successful if the individual team members support and practise a concept. The basis for the implementation of the adopted strategies is, therefore, employee and team competencies which are determined in the planning stage.


Sales management

  • Structuring of the sales organisation
  • Planning and monitoring of the sales activities
  • Structuring of human resources management in the sales department
  • Consideration of the culture in the sales department

Sales strategy

  • Identification of the customers
  • Definition of the sales-related competition
  • Definition of the sales partners and channels
  • Definition of the price policy
  • Definition of the goals and the resources required for the achievement of these goals

Customer relationship management

  • Discovery and incorporation of sales personalities
  • Perfection of the relationship management between customer and company
  • Customer loyalty measures
  • Establishment of a key account management system

Information management

  • Creation of a user-oriented information system
  • Collection of important customer information
  • Identification of the competitors
  • Analysis of the market to be developed
  • Revelation of internal processes
  • Establishment of a customer relationship management system for the achievement of these goals

People and strategies must be coordinated with one another, in order to reach the defined goals. Through its collaboration with Hager Unternehmensberatung GmbH, KeTu consult optionally analyses the competencies of the employees and teams involved and thus their abilities to implement and successfully support the sales strategy.

People and team

  • Definition of requirements for positions
  • Creation and matching of employee and job profiles
  • Definition of the objective of the job
  • Definition of the tasks of the employees
  • Making a note of personality requirements
  • Creation of recommendations for action for necessary human resources measures
  • Creation of a development plan for employees with respect to personal characteristics, social skills and expertise

Our support with the implementation of the adopted measures leads to the successful completion of the expedition – to the effective activation of your sales.