Telemarketing B2B


Successful new customer acquisition and well-founded customer loyalty: these two terms are the basic parameters for real business success.

Our telemarketing team supports our clients in the B2B segment with the systematic generation of new, highly qualified leads, as well as with the efficient communication with existing customers.

Here, we work closely with marketing4you, an owner-run dialogue marketing agency which has carried out sales-supporting measures for business clients in the areas of customer acquisition and customer loyalty for 13 years.

Our competencies in the telemarketing segment

Address qualification

The basis for the targeted approach to the customers’ purchase decision-makers is high-quality, qualified and verified address data. KeTu consult analyses and verifies your address database and thus supports you with the expansion and the qualification of your customer data.

  • Decision-maker qualification and definition of potential
  • Validation of the title and telephone number alignment
  • Address cleansing through the recognition and elimination of duplicates
  • Generation of additional information
  • Reduction of leakage
  • Cost saving by easing the administrative burden on the sales department

Lead generation

Our approach to successful lead generation is based on a basic definition of the target groups and the development of your company’s value proposition which is relevant to these target customers. This also includes the derivation of appropriate honed benefit arguments – these are, on the one hand, individually tailored to the respective target company and, on the other hand, directed at the relevant contact.

Customer data is verified with the aid of a database-supported telephone manual and stored as well as the activities.

The success of the telemarketing activities is reported regularly and considered at coordination meetings. This enables potential for optimisation to be identified and implemented immediately – for a lasting efficiency of the measures.

  • Development of the framework for a telemarketing campaign in the form of a workshop on the determination of target customers, the definition of value propositions and the composition of the benefit arguments
  • Preparation of the telemarketing campaign by creating the telephone manual for address qualification and by preparing the database
  • Execution and controlling: Implementation of the campaign, creation of regular reports and performance of regular coordination meetings


Scheduling and coordination of field service appointments – our approach

The efficient scheduling of sales representative appointments by the KeTu consult telemarketing team provides you with the option of acquiring more customers and increasing your turnover. Relieving the administrative burden on your sales representatives allows resources to be used sensibly for the purposes of the success of your business.

  • Professional, binding scheduling to increase the number of appointments
  • Arrangement of qualified appointments and increase in sales success
  • Optimised utilisation of the field service
  • Control and coordination of the activities of the sales representatives
  • Prompt evaluation and individual reports
  • Relief of the administrative burden on the sales representatives

Surveys and analyses

How well do you know your customers and partners? How do you rate the satisfaction of your main source of turnover? Surveys, especially customer satisfaction surveys, partner surveys and needs analyses are perfect instruments not only for achieving a high degree of customer orientation and thus also increasing customer satisfaction, but also for verifying the position of your company on the market and uncovering potential. The declared goal – longer term, successful customer loyalty – provides decisive market benefits.

Our approach:

  • Coordination and planning in collaboration with the client company
  • Gathering of relevant background information
  • Creation of a questionnaire and telephone manual
  • Performance of the survey
  • Evaluation of the results
  • Composition of recommendations for action
  • Presentation of the overall result

Greater knowledge of the requirements of your customers and partners and the factors affecting their satisfaction means increased success for your company.