CRM – Sales success instead of data graveyard

Interactive presentation

The interactive presentation “CRM: sales success instead of data graveyard” is aimed at medium-sized companies which regard customer relationship management not only as a system, but also as a strategy and want to achieve competitive advantages as a result of this. Companies which plan to introduce a CRM system successfully. Companies which would like to optimise or develop their existing CRM system.

Aim of the presentation

The aim of the interactive presentation is to give the participants ideas, suggestions and stimuli for the introduction, optimisation and further development of a CRM system.  The presentation, a combination of science, empirical studies and real life, is very interactive. The topics that are relevant for the introduction of a CRM system and their interdependencies will be demonstrated to the participants. In addition, tools for the sustainable introduction of a CRM system and motivational measures will be presented. The following questions will be answered, amongst others:

  • What does customer relationship management (CRM) mean?
  • What process levels does a CRM contain?
  • How are the relevant components of the CRM selected?
  • How is the software provider selected?
  • How can the necessary process adjustments be carried out efficiently?
  • How can the relevant key performance indicators be determined?
  • What must be taken into account during data transfer and data cleansing?
  • What phases are relevant for the software implementation?
  • Who should take on project responsibility?
  • How can sustainability be ensured?
  • How can the employees be motivated to use the system?


5.30 p.m. Welcoming of the participants

6.00 p.m. Interactive presentation

approx. 8.00 p.m. Small snack, opportunity for exchange of ideas and discussions

The event has the character of a workshop. This means that the presentation is interactive – i.e. with the involvement of the participants. The individual topic areas are fleshed out by examples from real life.


Date: to be confirmed

Time budget: 6.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Venue: Schloss Montabaur

Participants: max. 15 people

You would like to attend our presentation: “CRM: sales success instead of data graveyard”? Then simply use this contact form or register by telephone at +49 (0)2602 950 68 20 – we look forward to hearing from you!


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