Verschwendung – der Brandkrustenpilz im B2B-Vertrieb. Noch nie vom Brandkrustenpilz gehört? „Der Brandkrustenpilz zersetzt bereits in einem frühen Befallsstadium den zentralen Wurzelbereich und den unteren zentralen Stammkern von Laubgehölzen. Durch die weiterhin aufrechte Versorgung der Kronenteile über den intakten Splint wird der Befall zuerst oft gar nicht erkannt. Daher können vermeintlich vitale, als gesund angesprochene […]

The KeTu Academy is now offering a new workshop:  the interactive presentation “CRM: sales success instead of data graveyard” is aimed at medium-sized companies which regard customer relationship management not only as a system, but also as a strategy and want to achieve competitive advantages as a result of this. Companies which plan to introduce a CRM system successfully. Companies which would like to optimise or develop their existing CRM system.

  • What does customer relationship management (CRM) mean?
  • What process levels does a CRM contain?
  • How are the relevant components of the CRM selected?
  • How is the software provider selected?

These and many other questions relating to the topic of CRM will be covered in the presentation – as always informatively, interactively and with a large amount of facts, information and criteria for decision-making to take away. Interested? There is further information here.

 It is available now: our brand new, completely revised web presence! We are delighted and feel that we are very well looked after in our new digital home. We invite you to explore it – and, if you want, you can give us some brief feedback. Welcome!

From our successful event series: in the interactive workshop


approaches and working methods of hidden champions will be examined and ways of successfully applying these in the participants’ companies will be demonstrated. The workshop is to take place at the Limburg branch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

You can find further information here.