Innovative sales management – Opportunities for the company

Interactive presentation

The interactive presentation “Innovative sales management – opportunities for the company” is aimed at medium-sized companies with an existing sales organisation which

  • would like to carry out sales activities in a more targeted manner, prioritise key tasks, acquire and look after customers more systematically, achieve sales goals cost-effectively and thus create competitive advantages.
  • are planning to make their sales organisation customer-oriented and to introduce or optimise sales processes.
  • are looking for tools and new stimuli for their sales management.


We would like to give you answers to the following questions:

  • What topics does an innovative sales management cover?
  • What sales processes / forms of sales organisation exist and how can I make these more customer-oriented and more efficient?
  • What conflicts may exist and how can I resolve these?
  • How can I use CRM or GIS systems in a supportive role?
  • How can I motivate my sales staff?

For this, we draw upon scientific findings, studies and, of course, practical experience.


  • Sales management: overview, analysis, assessment
  • Market & customer: market segmentation, customer assessment
  • Sales system: selection and control of the channels and partners
  • Sales organisation: development, conflict management, team selling, key account management
  • Systematic sales: visiting strategies and sales concepts, sales cycle, sales activities, visit route planning
  • Selected sales processes: quotation, opportunity, complaints, trade fair process
  • CRM systems: information management, requirements, factors for success
  • Employees: management, motivation, key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • The future of sales: digital sales


  • Date: to be confirmedTime budget: 6.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.

    Venue: Schloss Montabaur

    Participants: max. 15 people

You would like to attend our presentation: “Innovative sales management: opportunities for the company”? Then simply use this contact form or register by telephone at +49 (0)2602 950 68 20 – we look forward to hearing from you!


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Bernd Henrich, Management Board, Walter Henrich GmbH, Daaden: 

“Attending the interactive presentation “Innovative sales management – opportunities for the company” left a very positive impression on me. The presentation demonstrated the good preparation and the high level of expertise of Mr Kaleja and his team. The varied input promoted a lively and very interesting discussion amongst the participants. The interactions during the presentation were very informal and, at the same time, reinforced important input from the very extensive topic area. We are currently adjusting our sales control system on the basis of this presentation.

Frank Stein, Karl Buch Walzengiesserei GmbH & Co. KG, Siegen: 

“We are currently dealing with a restructuring and reorganisation of our sales organisation. The presentation was an introduction to and a continuation of this project for me. A number of ideas from the well-structured, lively and practically oriented presentation have confirmed that we are on the right path with our restructuring. I was also able to take away a number of improvements to our approaches from the presentation and the exchange of experiences.

Mike Hortmann, Sales, BAT Maschinenbau GmbH, Meinerzhagen:

“A very good presentation by you, with clear overviews has enabled me to take away valuable experiences and to apply them in my own company. A presentation which was definitely not a monologue, but an active workshop which allowed an open exchange of ideas with other participants.”

Uwe Schmidt, Head of Sales, Jacob Rohrsysteme, Porta Westfalica:

“I have already attended many seminars and presentations. In my opinion, this presentation was of a high quality, as the subjects were not only handled on the basis of predefined ideas, as is usually the case. The reflections by Mr Kaleja were very impressive, as was the constant practically-oriented involvement of the participants. The resulting exchange of experiences not only demonstrated the focus, but also brought results and concrete suggestions for solutions with it.

Dietmar Betz, Customer Services Manager for Germany, BOMAG GmbH, Boppard:

“The presentation and the participants of the “sales control” event have given me a broader outlook. Even though my business is customer service, it is ultimately a sale of services. In this context, it is imperative to manage these sales in a targeted manner! Within two intensive hours, I was able to gain an overview of the various aspects of a possible sales control system. A successful event all round in an attractive setting. Thank you to KeTu consult”

Dr. Jörg Möller, Erbslöh Geisenheim AG, Geisenheim:  

The overview of sales control, which was presented in a concise but knowledgeable, interactive and entertaining manner, confirmed my intention to review and improve individual aspects of sales control in a targeted manner. For me, the presentation was the perfect overview of the topic and start to the optimisation of our sales control.”

Anjo Tegelaers Prokurist, RASTAL GmbH & Co. KG, Höhr-Grenzhausen:

“A technically competent short trip through the complex issue of “sales control”, reinforced by handy real life examples. As a result of the workshop character of this event, the theoretically contents were filled with life very vividly. Thank you, Mr Kaleja.”

 Thomas Schlösser, Management Board, TREIF Maschinenbau GmbH, Oberlahr: 

“With its methodological approach, the presentation “Optimisation of the sales control” was able to clearly illustrate that it is necessary to manage the route to improved sales and that mere sales targets are not sufficient.”

Yüksel Ergün, Head of Sales, hapack Packmittel GmbH & Co. KG, Montabaur: “

“We were at two very interesting events on the topics of sales development and sales control. Through the professional and interactive presentation, Mr Kaleja not only prompted critical reflection, but also provided very helpful pointers on how to proceed in our operational and strategic business. As we are currently planning the introduction of a new ERP software, we were able to obtain very useful information here. We would like to thank KeTu consult and wish you every success for the future!”

Anna Balagny, modul technik GmbH, Montabaur:

“After a long working day, Thomas Kaleja managed to wake me up again in his evening seminar. Concise and to the point, the workshop made us think and reflect. The following morning, we sharpened our focus on a number of sales processes; new ways of thinking were instigated. The enthusiasm for the topic spills over quickly from the KeTu team to the participants. Thank you for a practically-oriented, professional and entertaining evening.”