Sales development: From operating alone to organised sales

Interactive presentation

The interactive presentation “Sales development – from operating alone to organised sales” is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises which

  • would like to develop their market more actively due to an altered market and competitive situation
  • are striving for company growth and would like to intensify their sales activities for this
  • are planning to introduce new products
  • are looking for optimisation approaches in their sales activities
  • would like to build up a sales department and / or
  • are looking for new stimuli for their sales activities


We would like to give you answers to the following questions, amongst others:

  • How can I set up a sales department efficiently and sustainably?
  • Which customer segments should my sales staff penetrate?
  • Do I need my own staff or sales partners?
  • How can I motivate the sales partners / sales staff?
  • How can I steer them?

For this, we draw upon scientific findings, studies and, of course, on practical experience.


  • Sales development: overview and interdependencies
  • Market & customers: market segmentation, customer requirements, customer assessment
  • Company: system of goals, positioning
  • Value proposition: product, service, customer service, image, sales
  • Sales activities: purchasing processes, sales concepts, sales cycle
  • Customer relationship: personal / impersonal sales, communication measures, brand
  • Sales channels: direct and indirect sales, development, controlling, sales partners
  • Sales organisation and staff: organisational forms, sales positions, sales competencies, capacity requirements
  • Sales management: understanding of roles, motivation, management instruments, support by a CRM system

The event has the character of a workshop. This means that the presentation is interactive – i.e. with the involvement of the participants. The individual topic areas are fleshed out by examples from real life.


Date: to be confirmed

Time budget: 6.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Venue: Schloss Montabaur

Participants: max. 15 people

You would like to attend our presentation “Sales development – from operating alone to organised sales”? Then simply use this contact form or register by telephone at +49 (0)2602 950 68 20 – we look forward to hearing from you!


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Statement on the presentation “Sales development – from operating alone to organised sales” by Markus Klenner, Sales, KVG Kunststoff-Vertriebs KG, Staudt: “The presentation on the topic “Sales development – from operating alone to organised sales” was very well structured, comprehensible and highly informative. As an existing trading company, issues were addressed which will help us to pursue a new course in our development, due to an upcoming generational change.”

Statement on the presentation “Sales development – from operating alone to organised sales” by Gudrun Wolscht, Management Board, Filter Profitlich Maschinenbau GmbH, Bad Honnef: “The presentation on sales development was very compact, informative and very interactive, as well as being perfectly prepared. Definitely worth listening to.  We sat in a small group in a beautiful location, and now we have to put the approaches that we have been taught into practice.  There is a lot that has to be reorganised; we will start to move away from operating alone, step by step.”

Statement on the presentation “Sales development – from operating alone to organised sales” by Jutta Wiedemann, ManagementZentrum Mittelrhein e.V., Koblenz: “The complex and multifaceted topic was prepared very well and in a varied manner. Due to the interactive character of the presentation and the different sectors from which the participants came, the participants were offered the opportunity to broaden their horizons, as well as gaining new insights. In addition, we were looked after very well by Mr Kaleja and Ms Löll before and after the presentation. I am already looking forward to the next event.”

Statement on the presentation “Sales development – from operating alone to organised sales” by Yüksel Ergün, Head of Sales, KVG Kunststoff-Vertriebs KG, Staudt: “We were at two very interesting events on the topics of sales development and sales control. Through the professional and interactive presentation, Mr Kaleja not only prompted critical reflection, but also provided very helpful pointers on how to proceed in our operational and strategic business. As we are currently planning the introduction of a new ERP software, we were able to obtain very useful information here. We would like to thank KeTu consult and wish you every success for the future!”